ISRO: Creating Bonds with the Galaxies

Indian Space Research Organization is an agency that brings immense pride in the hearts of Indians. Its contribution to national development through space technology is immense. Plunging into the history of ISRO, it was started in the year 1969 by Mr. Vikram Sarabhai, a scientist. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The formation of this agency brought about organization into the space activities that were carried out in India. Since its inception, their direction of progress only moved forward. Managed by the Department of Space (DoS) of the Indian Government, their capabilities in the world of space science were commemorated when they launched their first satellite, Aryabhata in the year 1975.

ISRO functions with the primary goal of developing space technology in order to apply it in the several tasks in the nation. With the improvement of the Indian economy, the advancements in space technology were evidently visible. They launched about 11 satellites in the year 2008; which is quite an achievement for any space agency. ISRO is the only space organization in the entire world to land on mars in the very first attempt. Moreover, their total budget was around $450 crores only. This amount is a lot lesser than the amount spent on making the movie ‘Gravity’.

Facts about ISRO:

  • ISROs budget for the past 40 years is equal to NASA’s one year budget.
  • ISRO ranks among the six agencies in the entire world that can launch satellites in their own soil.
  • ISRO created ‘Bhuvan’ which is an Indian version of Google Earth.
  • ISRO has 13 centers in the country.
  • ISRO is in the process of setting up a training centre in order to train students into becoming astronauts. It will be located in Bangalore.
  • As of today, ISRO has been successful in 23 consecutive PSLV launches.
  • ISRO has launched 65 national and 29 foreign satellites so far.
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the director of project SLV-3, India’s first satellite launch vehicle.
  • The 1981 Apple satellite was transported in a bull cart. Look at how far they’ve come!

ISRO is something that should make every Indian proud as ever. They built what they need instead of buying them which is commendable and shows great intelligence and passion from the team. Although they have made a name for themselves in the nation, quite a lot of Indians are oblivious to their hard work and achievement. We, at Explore the Space, being space enthusiasts, would urge you to keep yourselves informed about ISRO's tremendous work and progress in the world of space technology.

Updated in November 2016